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(For the Family Always / For His Country Always)

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Source of the Drane Family Crest - The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales; comprising A Registry of Armorial Bearings from the Earliest to the Present Time

by Sir Bernard Burke, C.B., LL.D., Ulster King of Arms

Description: Argent: a lion rampant proper, in chief: three mullets gules. Crest: A demi-lion rampant proper.

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Welcome to the Drane Family Web Site

Created by Larry David Drane,

5th Great Grandson of

Anthony Drane

who was born in 1666 and died about 1723

in Prince Georges County, Maryland

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Please understand: "Of the great number of official records created by the provincial government of Maryland only the bound volumes have survived in any quantity. Almost all the unbound material has disappeared and a good deal of it without any hint as to its fate... Until 1835-1836 when David Ridgely, the first State Librarian, made an inventory of the discarded records thrown behind the stairs to the dome of the capitol, in old sea chests and in any other convenient and hidden place. Ethan Allen stated in 1861 that Ridgeley's inventory did not contain half the materials which he himself had placed in the Council Chambers twenty-five years before. But the losses did not stop there, for there are many items in Ridgely's lists, especially of the Revolutionary period, which have disappeared." - Preface of the Calendar of Maryland State Papers, No. 1 The Black Books

Larry is also the 6th & 7th Great Grandson of the French Huguenot

Mareen Duvall

Other cousins of whom we are proud: President Barack Obama, President Harry S. Truman, President George Washington, The Duchess of Windsor (Wallis Simpson), Joanne Woodward (wife of Paul Newman), Chief Joseph Medicine Crow, Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William and Prince William, also a cousin and Ex-Vice President Richard Cheney

And, on my mother's side: President William Henry Harrison, President Benjamin Harrison and the Unami Indian wife (refered to in documents as an "Indian Maiden") of Rev. John Price.

I know there are many names and generations you may not find here, but it was the best I could offer at this time. If you have any specific questions, please eMail me. My database has over 30,000 names of people who are linked to the family (and by extension, to you) and is constantly growing. Visit often.

Larry David Camper Drane

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